Success Stories


NS1 found webinar success and rebuilt their post-GDPR database with BrightTALK

NS1 turned to BrightTALK to acquire new leads, and nurture those leads already in their database with engaging thought leadership webinar and video content. BrightTALK allowed NS1 to be more [...]


Yellowfin Sees 50% Revenue Growth from BrightTALK

BrightTALK has massively impacted the volume and engagement of Yellowfin’s inbound leads. These leads have a much greater conversion rate. This highly engaged audience spent an hour engaging with [...]


Red Hat acquires more of their ideal audience on BrightTALK using Content Leads

Red Hat primarily came to BrightTALK with demand generation needs. They found that many of their converted leads, engaged with their content on BrightTALK multiple times.


PubNub Attracts new Audiences and Quality Leads with BrightTALK

For PubNub it was about engaging people within the buying committee and outside of their typical end user contact. On BrightTALK they have seen over 60% of the leads that have come through be [...]


Arm Treasure Data extends their own database with audiences on BrightTALK

After trying many webinar platforms, Arm Treasure Data went with BrightTALK due to the turnkey nature, easy to use platform, and built-in audiences. They have seen growth through their [...]


Sixgill gains brand awareness by extending their lean team with BrightTALK

As a small team, Webinar creation can seem like a daunting task, but because of BrightTALK’s ease of use and smart editorial planning, they are able to plan many in advance. Sixgill primarily [...]


Nlyte saw a 50% increase in net new names using BrightTALK for content marketing

Modern buyers devour a great deal of content while self-educating, long before ever contacting a vendor. Knowing this, Nlyte Has developed their online marketing strategy centering around thought [...]


Brinqa came to BrightTALK for a reliable platform to engage IT professionals

"BrightTALK is like a magnet that attracts talented and skillful people.." Brinqa uses BrightTALK to host their professional content, because as a lead generation partner it really helps to drive [...]


Caringo uses BrightTALK to educate audiences and build out their sales pipeline

Seeking a Content marketing platform that could also fill their demand generation needs, Caringo came to BrightTALK looking for a very niche professional audience. BrightTALK audiences make [...]


Red Hat uses BrightTALK Summits to build credibility and market awareness

Red Hat was searching for a partner to build awareness among their ideal audience of software development professionals. Partnering with the internal team at BrightTALK, they create online live [...]

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