How to Nurture Prospects in the Modern B2B Buying Process

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Smart marketers know that all audiences are not created equal. While it can be beneficial for branding to reach a mass audience, if the goal is to sell products and services, it’s critical to speak to the people who hold the purse strings—and to the people who influence the people who hold the purse strings. In today’s B2B buying cycle, there are often multiple buyers, any of whom may or may not control the budget allocated for a given purchase. And yet, without buy-in from those stakeholders, the sale will never close.
Read this information-packed guide to learn more about how to identify and appeal to everyone who might impact a buying decision. Melanie Turek, Vice President of Research for Frost & Sullivan, will explain why the buying decision-making process is changing, and present data on how best to reach out to multiple influencers.

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