BNY Improve Storytelling and Lead Generation with BrightTALK

BNY Improve Storytelling and Lead Generation with BrightTALK

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When BNY came to BrightTALK, they were looking for a content and demand marketing platform that allowed them to boost customer engagement and expand their audience. Additionally BNY was seeking a content partner to inspire audiences with more impactful storytelling using video. It was also critical to find a single vendor who could support a turnkey solution that was easy to operate.  They found success with BrightTALK as a content and demand marketing platform using live webinar and video content. They also used BrightTALK Content Leads to acquire more ideal audiences to their Talks. 

Additionally BrightTALK Studios has now become an extension of their content team. The end-to-end creative services and video production delivers impactful videos based on BNY Mellon’s objectives. BrightTALK Webinar Services produce live webcam fireside chats that  create a high value asset with less time spent managing webinars.


Over 300 BrightTALK leads have been driven through the sales cycle to opportunities, yielding valuable business and delivering growth for BNY Mellon. They have grown an audience that is a subset of their most engaged leads across their inbound business. As a result, executives now consider webinars, webcam talks and videos a core go-to-market Channel for BNY Mellon.

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