CA Technologies builds engagement and conversions by using BrightTALK

CA Technologies builds engagement and conversions by using BrightTALK

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CA Technologies came to BrightTALK seeking a lead generation partner to fuel global campaigns across US, Canada, Europe and the Middle East. They needed a content platform that would allow them to reach multiple communities and expand their database to grow their business by tapping into a preexisting community. CA Technologies has utilized their BrightTALK Channel to reach their existing audience, and grow their audience within the communities on BrightTALK. The content they produce maps to multiple stages of the sales funnel, with the focus of their efforts on bringing MQLs to opportunities across a multi-touch timeline. Their content reach is extended to new audiences using BrightTALK Content Leads to serve relevant content to parties that have not interacted with the brand before.


  • 15%-20% of CA Technologies’ new contacts have been net new from the BrightTALK platform.
  • To date, CA Technologies has generated 106,920 unique subscribers on BrightTALK (across all channels), which include 35,776 unique organic BrightTALK leads
  • CA Technologies has generated over 18.6K views across all its content on BrightTALK from January 2018 to date.
  • CA has generated 121,808 non-unique subscribers across all channels.
  • CA Technologies outperforms its peers on BrightTALK in average monthly subscriber growth by 1,211 and average monthly published content by 20.75.
  • Attendees of CA Technologies webinars stay more engaged compared to its peers by 14%, as evidenced by completion rate


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