PubNub Attracts new Audiences and Quality Leads with BrightTALK

PubNub Attracts new Audiences and Quality Leads with BrightTALK

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San Francisco 100 Employees IT Infrastructure Felicia Fierro, Senior Marketing Field Manager



With limited resources, Felecia and the team needed to ensure marketing efforts not only created brand exposure but also serve as a steady source of lead generation
In order to land strategic multi-project deals, PubNub will need to build brand trust and further engage addition stakeholders at multiple levels within in their buying committees
Expand the reach of webinars by exposing live and on-demand content to an audience beyond PubNub’s own database on BrightTALK

Use Summits + BrightTALK@ to Elevate PubNub as a strategic thought leader to build brand trust with key stakeholders by showcasing their thought leadership at themed industry events.


PubNub has been able to re-engage with over 1000 of their contacts resulting in multiple closes. In addition to using this as a way to re-engage current contacts, PubNub has also seen 453 organic subscribers with help of 750+ paid promotions.

PubNub is outpacing their peer group by almost 2x with content and is seeing over a 60% reg to view completion. For PubNub it was about engaging people within the buying committee and outside of their typical end user contact. On BrightTALK they have seen over 60% of the leads that have come through be manager level and above.

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