Yellowfin Sees 50% Revenue Growth from BrightTALK

Yellowfin Sees 50% Revenue Growth from BrightTALK

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Company Size Community

Marketing Visionary

Melbourne, AU

Boise, ID

101-250 Employees Business intelligence Peter Baxter,   SVP of Global Sales

Laura Crawford,   VP, Marketing North America



Yellowfin needed to scale awareness and demand creation globally. Content syndication programs were generating average results and the focus shifted to generating more engaged and higher quality leads. It was critical to the Yellowfin marketing team to find an easy and scalable content and demand marketing solution that would deliver predictable growth. BrightTALK has allowed targetting of all stages of the sales cycle, but enabled the top and middle of the funnel for Yellowfin. Yellowfin has been using BrightTALK Summits for brand awareness and growing their audience and increasing MQLs. By utilizing BrightTALK Content Leads to ensure the largest possible audience engaging with their content, BrightTALK delivers a regular flow of high quality leads with strong conversion to revenue.

Data and reporting was really valuable with instant reports in Marketo for registrants, no-shows, and most importantly attendees, who each spent over an hour engaging with Yellowfin’s content. These rich engagement metrics enable contextualized sales outreach and nurture.


BrightTALK has massively impacted the volume and engagement of Yellowfin’s inbound leads. These leads have a much greater conversion rate. This highly engaged audience spent an hour engaging with that topic, as a result have exceptionally high conversion rates.

In the past year, BrightTALK has contributed 45% of Yellowfin’s total inbound demand. Year over year, Yellowfin has grown 40%, with the US accounting for half of that growth, and BrightTALK responsible for about half of that growth within the business. 


To find out more, watch the additional interview with Senior Director of Strategy, Laura Crawford.

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