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Subscriber reports are available for download within each reporting section. All reports can be downloaded as CSV files and viewed in your preferred CRM program.

Locate channel-level subscriber reports

To download the summary-level information across your channel content, scroll down to the bottom of the channel management page. Use the Generate or Regenerate link to create an up-to-date version of your subscriber data.

Download comprehensive reports from the Subscribers tab within the channel management page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to generate and download reports.

Locate webinar-level subscriber reports

To access webinar-level reports, click webcast reports from the webcast management page. Several reports are available on this page. Click Report for the report you would like to download then scroll to the bottom of the page to generate a CSV file that you can download.

Available channel-level reports

  • All webcasts – includes all high-level information across all webcasts for your channel.
  • All subscribers – lists user details including registration and viewing totals across all channel content.
  • Subscriber activity by webcast – lists user details including registration and viewing totals across each webcast.
  • All subscriber activity log – lists specific subscriber records for each registration and viewing.

Available webinar-level reports

  • Pre-registrations – lists a breakdown of all registrants.
  • Viewings – lists a breakdown of total, live and on-demand viewers.
  • Questions – lists all viewers that asked a question along with what they wrote.
  • Votes – provides the votes results and a list of who voted and what they voted for.
  • Attachments – lists the attachments downloaded by each viewer.
  • Feedback/Ratings – lists all viewers who provided feedback along with their response.

Useful tips

  • Download your reports at a regular cadence. We recommend that you download them at least once per week, but more often if possible.
  • Share your reports with your sales team so they may follow up with your subscriber.
  • Integrate your CRM and/or marketing automation platform with BrightTALK so that your new subscribers are turned into leads which your sales team can act on.

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