Access the Pro Webinar presenting screen

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Step 1

Make sure you are logged in with BrightTALK. If you do not have an account, visit to register now.

To access the presenting screen, visit and insert the PIN number. The PIN number should be provided to you by whoever organized the webinar.

You should now be at the prepare and present screen. From this area you can invite your network and add attachments to your upcoming Pro Webinar.

Step 2

Click Launch BrightTALK presenter screen.

From the presenter screen you can upload slides and/or add your screen share code, and start and manage your live Pro Webinar.

Useful tips

  • You will have up to 30 minutes to the live Pro Webinar start time to add your screen share code (if sharing your screen).
  • You may upload slides (optional) at any point for your your Pro Webinar, though best practice is to upload your slide deck well in advance of going live.
  • Pro Webinar will automatically shut down 4 minutes past the scheduled end time. Manage your time accordingly.
  • Your Pro Webinar will convert to an on-demand recording automatically, after you end the presentation.

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