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Step 1

From the Prepare and present screen, select ‘Launch BrightTALK presenter screen‘.

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Step 2

From the ‘Votes from audience’ tab in the presenter screen, select ‘Add poll for live audience voting’. Here you will enter your multiple choice question and up to 5 answer options, and click ‘Add’. (Repeat the process to add multiple votes.)

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Step 3

If you wish to edit a vote, click into the vote question, then click the pencil icon to edit. To delete a vote, click the trash bin icon to the left of the pencil icon.

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Step 4

You may trigger a vote at any time during the live webinar by clicking on the tab ‘Start Voting’. Once triggered, the vote will remain open for a mandatory 55 seconds, to allow for a good sampling of results. You will see a bar chart and percentage breakdown of results as they are coming in from your audience. Your audience will also see the voting results on their end, via the ‘Votes’ tab under the webinar player. When finished with the vote, be sure to click ‘Stop Voting’.

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