15 Keys to Becoming a BrightTALK Channel Power User

15 Keys to Becoming a BrightTALK Channel Power User

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As a BrightTALK Channel owner, you have access to great capabilities to help you tell your story and engage your audience. Are you using your channel to its full potential? Here’s a list of 15 keys to success – it’s never too late to become a BrightTALK power user!

1. Run content in your channel regularly

The most important thing you can do to make your channel successful is keep it active. Attract new subscribers while keeping existing ones engaged with a steady stream of content. Mix long-form webinars and panel discussions with videos and downloadable assets, and repurpose every piece to achieve its full ROI potential.

2. Tag your channel into a relevant community

The professionals on BrightTALK discover relevant content through the communities they participate in. As professionals spend increasing amounts of time browsing for content on the site, community recommendations are becoming key to content discovery. Make sure your story is being heard by the right people! Tag your channel into one or more relevant communities to benefit from added exposure and grow your audience without doing any extra work.

3. Harness the power of search

We recently rebuilt our search engine to provide faster, more relevant results for professionals who search for content on BrightTALK. Now it’s more important than ever to keep your content timely and make sure you’re using all the right keywords in your titles, descriptions and tags.

4. Take advantage of automated BrightTALK emails

We’ve built a system of emails that engage users and bring them back to the channels they’re interested in again and again. We see conversion rates as high as 44% from these highly relevant behavioral emails. Visit your channel today to enable any emails that may be turned off by default. You can also customize your emails to align them with your brand.

The latest addition: viewer follow-up email to attendees.

5. Promote upcoming content to your lists starting 2-3 weeks in advance

Start email promotion early to give you more time to build your audience. Send 2-3 emails leading up to the event and a “live today” reminder on the live day. Use a clean format and structure to communicate the value of the upcoming event and present the recipients with a clear call-to-action. Supplement email with other promotion to fill the webroom for your live event.

6. Create appealing title slides for your webinars

The title slide is the only visual the audience will see before a webinar goes live. People are naturally drawn to images so upload an appealing visual to spark interest and attract registrations, even if your entire deck is still a work in progress. We’ve found that images that contain people or are otherwise interesting or provocative are much more effective at attracting attention than PowerPoint stock art or text-heavy slides.

7. Load audience votes before the start of the presentation

Audience polls are a great way to get the audience to interact with you during your live presentation. If you are using webinars for lead generation, audience polls can help you qualify webinar leads by giving them a chance to “raise their hands” and engage with you live. Polls also give your audience authentic insight into industry trends and challenges their peers are invested in, in real time.

8. Respond to questions live throughout the presentation

Sprinkling responses to audience questions throughout the presentation is an effective way to break up the rhythm of the webinar and keep the audience engaged. Answer questions relevant to the point you’re on before moving to the next one and leave more high-level questions for a final Q&A. If time runs out before you can get through the list, follow up with interested audience members via email. Evolution of the CMO, a panel discussion moderated by Liz Miller of the CMO Council, gives a good example for answering questions throughout a webinar.

9. Learn from webinar analytics, comments and questions

Savvy marketers take advantage of marketing metrics and data analytics to understand and improve the performance of their campaigns. Webinars are especially rich in information about audience engagement, so make sure you are getting the most out of the data available to you. Follow the audience growth leading up to a live event, learning from audience spikes and dips; monitor the conversion rate of registrants to viewers; gain insight from audience polls and the questions viewers ask. You can find some of the secrets we’ve learned from running hundreds of webinars in DataLeaks 2013.

10. Blog about your content

Good content inspires more content. Use all the research and preparation that go into a webinar to write a blog post on the topic. Draw attention to an upcoming event by providing a sneak preview on your blog or as a guest post on a relevant blog. After the event, blog about your experience presenting on the topic to attract on-demand viewers. Or pick an interesting question, comment or poll result from the live event and write an article about it.

11. Show off your top content

Good content doesn’t have an expiration date. Whether it’s through email, social media, blogging, website embeds, banners, or all of the above, extend the life of your best content by giving it as much exposure as possible through all marketing channels. If you run webinars regularly, recognize the most popular, most engaging or highest rated ones twice a year. It’s a win-win-win situation; your audience is reminded of top content they may have missed, your presenters enjoy the recognition and your content attracts larger audiences over time.

12. Identify and engage dormant subscribers

Even the cleanest, most engaged database ages over time. People change jobs, shift priorities and advance their careers, and as a result the content they find relevant changes. Stay relevant to your audience by looking at subscribers’ behavior and responding to their changing needs. Identify subscribers who have not engaged with your content in six months or more and run a re-engagement campaign, highlighting a variety of top content they might not be aware of. Find out what is currently relevant to them and direct them to content that will answer their questions. Communicate with your audience in ways that address their needs and increased engagement will follow naturally.

13. Use your channel as an engagement platform

Your BrightTALK Channel is an online destination where your clients, prospects and partners go to learn about your products and initiatives, hear your thought leadership and communicate with you and your brand repeatedly over time. Take full advantage of the growing list of features designed to enhance the audience experience and keep your subscribers engaged for longer. Embed your custom branded channel on your website and supplement your webinars with easily digestible short-form content like videos, teasers, interviews, white papers and other attachments.

14. Grow your target audience

BrightTALK can help you grow your target audience even more rapidly with audience subscriptions. Growing your audience with BrightTALK gives your organization access to a highly engaged and relevant audience and highlights your position as a prominent market leader. Contact us to learn more.

15. Integrate BrightTALK with your CRM

We’ve built connectors to key CRM and marketing automation platforms to empower channel owners to seamlessly deliver audience insights from their BrightTALK Channel directly into the hands of their sales and demand generation teams. Optimize sales and marketing with rapid responses to audience behavior and more effective lead follow up in Salesforce, MarketoEloqua, HubSpot, and Pardot.

A BrightTALK Channel can be a great tool for engaging prospects and clients and building your brand. If you haven’t yet had a chance to explore all it has to offer, use this list as inspiration. Try something new now and your channel will soon be a well-oiled content marketing machine.

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