Happy Thanksgiving from BrightTALK

Although Thanksgiving is a US holiday and BrightTALK was founded in the UK, the San Francisco office decided to celebrate with a potluck luncheon on Monday. The feast was complete with [...]

Email Marketing: Where Words and Numbers Intersect

“Marketing is not about creativity and imagination anymore, it is about analytics,” said Cory Haynes, Director of eBusiness at Russell Investments, at a “Lunch & Learn” discussion at BrightTALK [...]

Building a Multi-Channel Webinar Strategy

Is your business looking to gain client loyalty and improve its ROI? Creating a multi-channel webinar at BrightTALK may just be your answer. BrightTALK’s recent webinar “Building a Multi-Channel [...]

How to Use Google+ to Promote Your Webinars

Marketers familiar with the mantra “content is king” are creating content at record speeds. The Internet is constantly being updated with new “tips” and “how to” articles aimed to capture readers [...]

Thoughts from the BrightTALK Academy: How to Be a Presentation God

Do you change the world every time you present? According to Scott Schwertly, this should be at the forefront of our minds when we are planning and delivering presentations. In October, [...]