2015 in Review: BrightTALK Connects You with Future Customers

2015 in Review: BrightTALK Connects You with Future Customers

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Bigger webinar audiences mean bigger ROI for your company. But at a recent webinar we hosted, our audience of marketers said hitting their target registrations was the most difficult part of running a webinar program. So we’ve made it a point to send more viewers your way.

Our registration process will now nearly double the conversion rates so your promotions will have twice the impact going into 2016. Happy holidays 🙂

Over the course of the year we’ve also introduced smarter recommendations and timely emails to get your content in front of the right professionals at the right time. These changes have boosted our monthly active users by over 40% and grown our viewership to over 4 million registered users.

A deeper analysis shows that every day the professionals on BrightTALK have over $7 billion of budget to spend (hopefully with you).

Because of our growth in users, we’ve added 27 new communities (81 in total), made search more effective and developed native ad capabilities that let us drive more audience to your content if you want it!

Webinars are more fun (and profitable) when more people watch and engage with your presentation. That’s why we love developing this part of our platform and have even bigger plans for our roadmap next year!

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