2015 in Review: Making Great Content Stand Out

2015 in Review: Making Great Content Stand Out

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A key theme on BrightTALK throughout 2015 was making great content stand out. We believe engaging presentations that deliver real value to professionals should get even more exposure.

With this in mind, we’ve made great content more discoverable on BrightTALK.

We’ve built new user-friendly site-wide navigation and improved search so that professionals have an easier time finding the next great presentation.

We’ve also developed personalized emails that recommend relevant content based on a professional’s interests and network, as well as the content’s quality and popularity, and have seen a 4x increase in engagement from email as a result.


We’ll see more of these developments in 2016, as we release smarter recommendation feeds that analyze viewers’ interests to suggest additional pieces of relevant content before they’ve even considered leaving the page.

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As the year comes to a close, monthly active users are up 40% YoY and professionals are spending on average 36 minutes watching work-related presentations on BrightTALK. You can tap into this increased engagement by tagging your videos and webinars into BrightTALK communities and making sure they stand out with keyword-packed titles and descriptions, attractive cover slides, and valuable insights to help professionals make better business decisions.

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