2015 in Review: Providing the Knowledge Buyers Need – On Any Device

2015 in Review: Providing the Knowledge Buyers Need – On Any Device

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Mobile first” is now THE mindset among marketing and product departments. It impacts page layouts, content length and imagery, and even the time of day marketers choose to publish content to their audiences.

Growth in mobile usage has been a key internet trend over the last few years. Today’s professionals not only want, but require that the information they consume is effortlessly accessible on the go so they can make decisions around the clock.

With that in mind, we’ve redesigned the BrightTALK experience so that all of our website pages and forms are now responsive and inviting on mobile devices.

Now the 4 million decision-makers learning on BrightTALK can seamlessly tap into relevant business knowledge on their own schedules, be it on desktops at work, on smartphones while commuting or on tablets on the couch after dinner.

These changes have led to a whopping 600% increase in mobile views, which contributed towards record numbers of monthly active users on the site.

Coupled with Pro Webinar’s ability to stream content live on devices, these mobile first developments empower both our clients and our users to make the most out of BrightTALK in 2016.

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