2015 in Review: Welcome to the Next Generation of Content Marketing

2015 in Review: Welcome to the Next Generation of Content Marketing

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Smart content marketers use advanced presentation tools to create engaging content that generates better leads and drives better brand loyalty.

With video established as a must-have tool for prospect engagement and webinars firmly among the top five most effective lead generation tactics, successful modern marketers look for frictionless ways to take advantage of different content formats.

With over 50,000 webinars and videos on BrightTALK, in 2015 we wanted to evolve and empower how modern marketers are presenting and connecting with potential clients.

This focus led to more sophisticated presentation formats and was the main driver behind our next-generation webinar product, Pro Webinar.

Pro Webinar equips marketers to seamlessly produce presentations that combine a mix of slides, screen shares and video play-ins, delivering a powerful rich-media experience to their audiences. Our newest product is now equipped with HD video, animations and builds, and live streaming on mobile devices. Why focus here? These developments ensure content quality and lower the barrier to entry for professionals on the go, while behind the scenes, presenters can communicate throughout the presentation using a slick presenter chat.

Here are some examples of creatives uses for Pro Webinar:

Security provider Qualys was looking to help attendees understand where and how hackers go about breaking into web applications. To achieve this, they used a screenshare in Pro webinar to take the audience inside a simulated attack and showed live how an app scanner probes for application vulnerabilities and exploits found weaknesses.

, a data management provider, used builds and animations to communicate their data points in a fun and engaging way. They even added an animated diver to complete the metaphor of the Databerg and its dark data in need of illumination! Who said webinars couldn’t be fun?


Another security company, AlienVault, ran a live demo during their Pro webinar, in which their Systems Engineer walked the audience through the steps of a system compromise in order to showcase how their product detects nefarious activities every step of the way. They showed live charts and seamlessly switched between the slides and demo, creating an engaging experience for the live audience.


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