Ditch Your Q&A Slide: Here’s Why

Most webinar decks have the main objective or call to action on the last slide (also known as the “connect slide.”) This critical slide, often featuring important information on how to connect [...]


Co-Presenting a Webinar? Don’t Forget the Dry Runs

The best webinar programs offer a variety of content and speakers to keep the audience engaged and coming back for more. Co-presenting with a partner or customer is an excellent way to boost your [...]

What’s Your Marketing Inspiration? Highlights from Marketo’s Marketing Nation Roadshow

On Tuesday, the BrightTALK team had an incredible time engaging with some of the UK’s greatest marketers at Marketo’s Marketing Nation Roadshow. Marketers from around Europe came together in [...]

New Markets, Sales Insight, Buyer Personas, and Other Questions from B2B Marketers

Last week I presented The Role of Buyer Personas in Demand Generation on the BrightTALK Academy. We discussed common problems that B2B organizations are facing in demand generation, including [...]

Lead Generation Insights from Today’s B2B Marketers [Infographic]

LinkedIn’s B2B Technology Marketing Community recently released the 2015 B2B Lead Generation Report, a survey of 600+ marketers on the top trends, challenges, and best practices in B2B lead [...]

Does Your Webinar Platform Solve Your Problems?

When evaluating webinar platforms, marketers should choose a product that streamlines processes and allows them to focus on more strategic aspects of their webinars, such as developing and [...]


Marketing Analytics Experts Weigh In on Trends and Best Practices at Online Summit

Marketing analytics is more than just connecting marketing initiatives with revenue. With the help of advancing technology, top marketers are now able to predict the outcomes of their marketing [...]

Why Buyer Personas Are Not a Waste of Time

A recent article on MediaPost raised the question “Are Buyer Personas a Waste of Time?” The article quoted Michael Jaschke, CEO of 48Bricks, an ad tech company, as saying, “The premise of trying [...]

Looking Outside In: Know Your Buyers First

“There is nothing so terrible as activity without insight.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe It sounds pretty basic…getting to know your buyer before you build a demand generation program seems like [...]


Webinar Tips from the BrightTALK Team (Part 2)

Yesterday, we shared some of the BrightTALK team's favorite webinar tips, from preparation to delivery to presentation. Check out what a few more of our BrightTALK colleagues in San Francisco, [...]

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