3 Times B2B Marketers Got It Right

3 Times B2B Marketers Got It Right

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A marketer’s job never ends. Whether you’re focused on inbound or outbound initiatives, a marketer’s goal is to have prospects engage with their company while they are converted into customers and advocates.

Constant need for collateral and multi-touch prospect education means that marketers have to get creative (which isn’t always easy). Here are three examples of marketers who got it right.

1. Print Power: Moleskin Direct Campaign

Obstacle and solution

A whopping 2.4 million emails are sent every minute. Marketers have been timing, optimizing, and strategizing their email sends to make it to the top of their recipients’ inboxes for decades. They’ve worked even more strenuously to increase their open and click-through rates by mere decimals.

However, there is a finite number of tweaks you can test with email marketing. Although email remains one of the most effective marketing tactics, if that’s all your company does, your audience’s attention will fizzle quickly.

Print Power decided to try something new, and created an interactive, multi-touch, and multi-sense campaign. Here’s how they did it.

They sent roughly 2,200 UK brand owners and media makers cards with materials and instructions. Recipients were instructed to wipe away the chalk to uncover a secret message. Then, if they wanted, they could leave an imprint of their chalk covered hand and send it back. In return, the recipient received a trendy Moleskin notebook with their own handprint on it (featured above).


This unique outreach saw over a 10% return rate, far higher than the average average of 0.5% to 1%.

Why is this effort so remarkable?

First of all, it required continued engagement with the brand through touch and then sending things back to receive another unknown gift they were expecting.

Secondly, they were able to scale personalization. They were able to connect with their target accounts and get them to literally leave an imprint.

Lastly, they leveraged a product that the recipient would use daily — a constant reminder of the company and living proof of their creative work. So often companies send gimmicky items that don’t add value to the recipient’s life. Try something new. Try something remarkable.

This type of marketing effort is ideal for marketers leveraging ABM, as it can be more expensive but also far more impactful and memorable.

2. DMA UK: Blizzard of Oz


Obstacle and solution

Brands are meant to be personable, likable, and fun, yet most corporations keep a very formal tone in their marketing collateral. The one exception is around major holidays: think Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and winter holidays.

This is when you see brands coming out with Christmas carol remixes, fable remakes, and other heinous spoofs that usually come across as cheesy and inauthentic (please note: this is my personal opinion).

So while publishing this kind of material is certainly something to avoid, it can also be disheartening to your audience if you’re not humanizing your brand in a fun, relatable way.

DMA UK decided to do something creative. Instead of cheesy tales and remixes, they created a holiday-themed game.


A simple game that appeals to your competitive side.

Sound silly? Do you remember Flappy Bird?

Short, thoughtful games increase the time spent on the page, as people want to continuously beat their prior score. This is a prime example of how to participate in trends while doing something different to engage your buyers.

3. Hightail: Targeting Box and Dropbox


Obstacle and solution

While new companies emerge with hopefully new approaches to old problems, larger corporations more often than not have larger budgets to stomp out the competition before they have a chance.

Hightail Enterprise needed to attract larger businesses to grow their user base while competing with Box and Dropbox, who already had a good share of the market.

Silicon Valley provided a great stage for Hightail to go after these larger companies. They leveraged a big, bold billboard along a busy highway so that tech executives on their commute to work would be humored by their material.


This was a very noticeable billboard. The simplicity and boldness caught the attention of Bay Area commuters, who are stuck in traffic for an average of 75 hours each year.

Hightail was comfortable with the provocative marketing move and was pleased with the results to bring their company’s name into daily conversations, according to their CMO.

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