3 Ways to Increase Your Content Pipeline with Categorization

3 Ways to Increase Your Content Pipeline with Categorization

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Nowadays almost every company uses content marketing. The demand for more quality content is never ending and it can quickly become overwhelming. Marketing pros understand the value in categorizing and repurposing core content to generate future assets.

The mastery of repurposing increases content output and enables you to leverage old material for new needs while providing more time for higher priority tasks. Nearly 60% of marketers repurpose content assets anywhere from two to five times, with over half turning assets into “snackable” content. It saves time, reduces costs, and showcases your expertise to expand your audience.

Organizing your webinar content for repurposing sounds simple enough, but it actually requires key tactics to differentiate which content has enough material to support additional assets, what content can be used in future comparisons and which assets should be ignored.

The first step in repurposing your webinar content is to add a tab in your editorial calendar to easily reference in the future.

Categorize your past webinars as:


Evergreen content can be used at any time – it’s ready to go. Numbered content is great for repurposing since creating charts and graphs to illustrate a point takes quite a bit of time and effort. However, all numbered content will need to be checked for current viability and relevance before reuse. Expired content should typically be discarded altogether.

Once you’ve gone back through each webinar and categorized your content, you’ll have a quick reference tool to use in the development of future webinars or other media and saved yourself the time and effort of starting from scratch.

Want to learn more? Now on demand in the BrightTALK Academy, “Generating New Leads With Last Year’s Webinars” gives an in-depth look on how to evaluate your previous content to drive strategic initiatives, repurpose best-performing assets to create new leads, and refresh and republish your breadwinning content.

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