3 Ways to Use Presenter-to-Audience Messaging

3 Ways to Use Presenter-to-Audience Messaging

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Creating an open dialogue between the audience and the presenter is the crux of a successful webinar.

Audience members can communicate with the presenter by submitting questions, providing feedback, or participating in polls. Presenters communicate with the audience largely through their slides and voice, but they can also send text-based messages to their audience during the live webinar. These messages, which can be sent anywhere from 5 minutes before the live event all the way through the end of the presentation, offer an additional way of connecting with your viewers.

Here are 3 ways to use presenter-to-audience messaging to enhance the webinar experience for your live audience.

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1. Pre-webinar messages

While waiting for your webinar to begin, why not send your audience a message introducing yourself and thanking them for attending? If you know you are going to be a couple of minutes late, let your audience know so they don’t drop off or can take advantage of the delay to send one more email.

2. Social promotion

Allow your audience to continue the conversation by sharing links to your social media accounts, and encouraging follows, likes, and connections. You can also send your audience prepared tweets that they can easily use to share your webinar with their followers. Include a hashtag and link to your presentation to help generate a discussion on Twitter and connect it back to your webinar.

3. Post-webinar call to action

After you have finished presenting, but before you sign off, reward your audience with a special offer specifically for those who attended your event. You can also share your contact details so your audience can contact you to request additional information or support. It’s also a great time to let your audience know about your next webinar by including a link to it.

To learn more about using presenter-to-audience announcements in your next webinar, please contact your customer success manager.

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