4 Reasons Online Presentations Are Lead Generation Gold

4 Reasons Online Presentations Are Lead Generation Gold

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Strategic, value-creating marketers begin with “why.” Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why, surveyed what makes a compelling case for leading companies. His observations found that successful marketing efforts start with the why before addressing the “how” and the “what.”

Incorporate the why in every component of your professional (and personal life).

  • Why does this buyer care?
  • Why are you choosing to go with option A vs option B?
  • Why is this adding to your bookings?

Online presentations (webinars, webcasts, videos) provide rich data about viewers to provide the best insights on your hottest prospects — accelerating the sales conversation to influence more bookings. Sounds great, right?

Webinars have consistently been rated among the top providers of quality leads. LinkedIn’s B2B Technology Marketing Community found that webinars are one of the five greatest ways to generate leads. 1,500 B2B marketers indicated that webinars and webcasts are the 2nd most effective content marketing tactic.

Here’s “why” you should be leveraging online presentations to generate the best leads.

1. The power of real-time

Modern marketers understand that it’s no longer B2C or B2B, it’s H2H (Human to Human). People like to connect with real individuals. People crave having that real-time dialogue…not just talking at your audience, but with them.

Certainly you can pursue and have an authentic “voice” in writing. You can also reap benefits from events, videos and presentations being available on demand at the viewer’s convenience. But you can’t beat real voices and people in real-time.

2. The power of responsive richness

Great presentations are experiences, and I think this is why rich content is rated as a premium tactic (both live and on-demand). Phenomenal marketers take it one step further. When the message delivery is in real-time, a presenter can respond dynamically to the needs of the audience.

Example: In a recent webinar I mentioned an awesome-but-lesser-known book, and multiple questions came in asking me to repeat it. There was an opportunity to be helpful beyond the original planned content. I dropped out of full-screen PowerPoint mode an switched to using desktop-sharing, “took” the audience to Amazon.com to show them the book, and then copied the link and pasted it into “chat to all.” This doesn’t mean I’m a genius – just that I am geek enough study stuff like what we can do uniquely in real-time. You can, too.

3. The power of trust

Unlike white papers or infographics or blog posts, webinars and webcasts have a lifecycle. Even if a prospect hasn’t opted into your list, they’ve agreed to a set of communications when they signed up for a webinar.

Done well, you can use the anticipation of something cool, the built-in deadline, the real-time human interaction of the live event, and the follow up emails to as multiple opportunities to build trust.

4. The power of data

The lifecycle of a webinar (you’ll receive up to 15% more viewings on demand 60 days after the presentation) also creates multiple opportunities to gather data and qualify leads. We’ll talk more about this in blog posts to come, but the gist of it is this: Instead of a registration page being a one-and-done activity (which you can’t do with a white paper), there are multiple opportunities to deepen your understanding of a prospect so you can follow up in a more targeted and appropriate way. If you’re eager to learn more now, check out BrightTALK’s Guide to Lead Scoring for Webinars.

The bottom line

Webinars aren’t hard, but they are different….which is exactly why they stand out relative to other content marketing and lead generation tactics.

If you’re not experiencing what you want out of them, dive a bit deeper on the “how” live on Thursday at 10 am Pacific. The power is yours for the taking.

Today’s guest post is by Roger Courville. He’s the Chief Aha! Guy at TheVirtualPresenter.com, author of The Virtual Presenter’s Playbook, and a pusher getting marketers hooked on webinar presentations. 3 live attendees will receive an autographed copy of his not-even-released-yet Virtual Presenter’s Playbook.

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