4 Ways to Amp Up Your Buyer Personas in 2016

4 Ways to Amp Up Your Buyer Personas in 2016

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Buyer personas are like plants: if you don’t take care of them properly, they become wilted. Unfortunately, more companies have dead plants scattered around their offices than necessary.

According to a recent survey from Cintell, companies “who exceed revenue and lead goals are more effective at creating, using, and consistently maintaining personas than companies who missed lead and revenue targets.”

Here are some easy ways to maintain your personas.

1. Survey everyone. You’ll get the most accurate answers by surveying your audience, clients, and prospects. Bonus? It shows that you value their opinion. Cintell found that 70% of companies who missed revenue and lead goals did not conduct qualitative persona interviews.

2. Determine how often you’ll refresh your personas. It should be the responsibility of your marketing team or an individual team member to prevent your personas from being outdated. “Companies who exceeded lead and revenue goals were 3.8x as likely to have an accountable resource internally dedicated to personas than those who missed these goals.” (Cintell)

3. Use a marketing automation platform (and leverage it to its full advantage). This may sound like a bullet point from a 2011 marketing blog, but only 5 percent of businesses are actually using marketing automation to their advantage. And even then, your MAP vendor might not be the absolute best fit for your demand generation needs. If you have buyer personas in place, make use of the segmentation features within your marketing automation system to get the right message in front of the right person.

4. Be an early adopter of predictive analytics. It’s the next step in the evolution of everyone’s demand generation megamachine and is cementing its place in the marketing world. Do your research and find the best predictive solution for your specific needs and use what you learn to polish your buyer personas. Companies like Lattice Engines, 6sense, and EverString are a few good solutions to begin your search. In no time, we’ll all be intercepting heaps of unstructured and structured data to add an accurate, data-driven predictability to our marketing and sales efforts, and you’ll be ahead of the curve.

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