4 Webinar Terms Decoded

4 Webinar Terms Decoded

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Whether you’re a webinar guru or just starting out, there are a few key terms you need to know to help you get the most out of your online presentations.

We’ve listed some of the most commonly used webinar terms, along with the reasons why they’re important for your lead generation success. Is there any other webinar terminology you’ve heard that you have questions about? Connect with us on Twitter and we’d be happy to share our insights.

On demand

Definition: The available for viewing webinar recording after the live session has ended.

Why it’s important: With the rise of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other on-demand services, users have grown accustomed to accessing what they want at their convenience. On-demand recordings create more opportunities to attract audience that were unable to attend your live webinar.

Making your presentations available on-demand is essential to webinar success —  especially if your audience consists of business professionals who don’t always have the flexibility in their schedule to attend a live event. Make sure your webinar platform automatically records and publishes your presentations to avoid missing out on audience and, ultimately, revenue.

Engagement data

Definition: This measures the audience’s interactions with your presentation. Data includes: participation in polls, questions, attachments, ratings/feedback, and viewing duration.

Why it’s important: Engagement data provides key insights into your audience’s interests and pain points. It can also help qualify prospects for accelerated sales cycles. Bonus? It’s a great way to measure how well your content topics, delivery, and presentation resonated with your audience.


Definition: Additional marketing collateral linked to a live webinar. Most common formats are guides and case studies or links to your company website or product pages. Attendees can interact with the content to learn more about subjects they’re interested in.

Why it’s important: Attachment downloads provide some of the best insights for understanding the level of audience engagement during your presentation. By examining what topics prospects are interested in, you can gauge their interests and pain points to have more targeted sales conversations.


Definition: A tool used to automatically push webinar engagement data into another system, generally marketing automation and CRM platforms (i.e.: Marketo, HubSpot, and Salesforce).

Why it’s important: Marketers can get bogged down by the tedious but necessary manual processes involved with implementing a marketing technology. Webinar connectors alleviate this pain by automating the transfer of lead information, engagement data, and more. Efficient connectors provide sales teams with quick access to the best leads.

Each of these features plays an important role in optimizing the effectiveness of your webinar programs and driving more revenue. To learn more about maximizing your webinar ROI, download our new guide: Aligning Webinar KPIs to Business Objectives.

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