5 Things to Know When Developing a Webinar Promotion Strategy

Trent Warrick
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
October 5, 2017

Persuasive online presentations have the power to influence and inspire professionals around the globe. However, even a perfectly crafted and delivered message will fall flat if no one attends your event.

Today, there is a wide range of tactics and channels for driving webinar registrations and engagement. But every webinar marketer can agree that well-constructed email invitations are one method that can’t be overlooked.

For most webinar programs, email drives a significant chunk of webinar attendees; at Unbounce, for example, 70% of webinar registrations come from emails. If you’re looking to build out or revamp your email promotional strategy, check out the five tips listed below.

1. Promote earlier in the week to drive better registration numbers.

Based on data from 70,000+ webinars on our platform, we’ve found that the best days to gain webinar registrations are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. This is primarily due to the fact that as the week goes on, unexpected projects and deadlines tend to arise, and busy professionals might not be monitoring their inboxes as closely. By promoting earlier in the week, you’ll have a better chance at avoiding being lumped into their rapidly increasing “unread emails” folder.

Want to learn more? Explore the 2017 Webinar Benchmarks Report for detailed information on how to run highly effective webinar and video programs.

2. Optimize your subject lines to increase open and click-through rates.

You already know that emails are the best way to drive audience to your webinars. But with professionals receiving dozens or hundreds of emails each day — how do you make yours stand out?

The answer: By writing irresistible subject lines.

Sounds easy enough, right? According to Convince & Convert, 35% of people decide whether or not to open an email based on subject line alone, so take the time to A/B test yours. Doing so allows you to increase conversions by discovering exactly what appeals to your audience.

Want to learn more? Read this blog post for tips and formats to help craft your next subject line.

3. Include one prominent call to action that links to your registration page.

Your entire promotional email should move your audience toward taking one very clear next step: registering for your webinar.

The copy, images, and layout of your email should all guide your readers to a single call to action that allows them to quickly and conveniently sign up for your event.

There are countless ways to design your CTA, but here are some industry  best practices to start with:

  • Blue and green are the most popular color choices for email CTAs (Really Good Emails)
  • Best-performing CTAs begin with action verbs, like “Register” (HubSpot)
  • Round buttons tend to perform better than those with square edges (Unbounce)


Want to learn more? Check out Optimizely’s breakdown of the CRAFT strategy for creating email CTAs.

4. Don’t be afraid of simplicity.

In this age of content shock and overflowing inboxes, it’s important to not overwhelm your audience with too much information right away. Test out webinar invitations that include only the essential information, so they can decide whether or not they will attend.

While simple is good, you don’t want to leave them guessing. Make sure to include these key details:

  • Title
  • Date and time
  • Speaker(s)
  • 3-4 top takeaways

For follow-up or day-of emails, you can simplify even more.

Want to learn more? In this blog post, Customer.io compiled a comprehensive list of webinar invitation examples.

5. Design multiple email touches to stay top of mind and boost attendance.

Ensuring that your audience attends your event (whether live or on demand) extends far beyond your initial invitation email. You can also leverage simple transactional emails, triggered by various audience behaviors, to spark attendance and engagement.

Make sure your webinar platform or nurture system has these key emails built in:

  • A confirmation email immediately after someone registers to attend, with an option to add the event to their calendar
  • A “starting now” reminder message sent 15 minutes before your webinar goes live
  • A “sorry we missed you” email sent to people who registered but did not attend the live event
  • A “thanks for joining us” follow-up for live attendees to re-watch or share with colleagues

A “starting now” reminder email, sent 15 minutes before your live webinar, receives a 35-45% click-through rate.


Want to automate your webinar emails? Download our email playbook for more in-depth information about these emails, including average click rates and optimization tips.

Not only is email one of the most effective marketing channels, it’s also one of the most malleable, providing endless possibilities for testing and optimization. These five tips are just a starting point to help you craft effective webinar invitations that drive registrations and pipeline.

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