5 Things We Learned from the B2B Content Marketing Summit

5 Things We Learned from the B2B Content Marketing Summit

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Did you know that leading social sellers are 51% more likely to make quota? Or that 62% of B2B marketers say the most important element of content marketing success is audience relevance?

These findings (and many more) were shared in BrightTALK’s annual B2B Content Marketing Summit last week, where industry experts offered insights and best practices on topics ranging from customer experience to content auditing to real-time personalization.

The event featured 16 webinars from brands like Kapost, VentureBeat, and SmartBear — check out some of our top takeaways below and explore all of the sessions here.

From Boring to BOOM! How to Write B2B Content That Packs a Punch

“Never lose that human touch in your writing just because it’s for a B2B audience. As much as business-to-business buying decisions are grounded in logic and numbers, chemistry is a really important part of inking that deal, and your content is part of that chemistry building initiative.”

Chelsea Reay, Head of Content, Fieldworks

The 5 Keys to B2B Content Marketing Success

“Pick 1-5 social media networks and do an amazing job at the ones you choose, so that way it has the effect of doubling down and enhancing your investment on the ones that you’re going to do a great job on — and the ones that you’re not, either ignore or just know that that’s not part of your strategy.”

– Jill Talvensaari, VP of Marketing, IO Integration

Why Your Content Marketing Is Failing and What You Can Do About It

“A real grand slam, home run content topic finds common ground between the customer interests, customer needs, and business objectives and value propositions.”

Gary DeAsi, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing & Brand, SmartBear

5 Proven Methods to Create Content for a Consistent Customer Experience

“For SEO and for MQLs, it’s really important to keep pushing your content out to a variety of channels, be it social or be it sales or otherwise, and continue to promote it in ways that allow you to make use of content that you already have, instead of spending a ton of time always creating new content.”

– Kelsey Loughman, Content Marketing Manager, Kapost

Think Like an Editor: 6 Powerful Marketing Ideas for B2B Companies

“From Kapost, marketers estimate that they need about 67 ideas per quarter to succeed, but 1 out of 2 don’t have a constant steady stream of ideas.”

– Catrinel Bartolomeu, Head of Content, Oz Content

Enjoyed those sessions? You might also be interested in our upcoming Video Marketing Summit — save your spot now.

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