5 Tips to Make Your Executives Look Their Best on Camera

5 Tips to Make Your Executives Look Their Best on Camera

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Most content marketers already know that one of their greatest assets is the commentary and perspective that comes from their organization’s executives – it’s why we invite them to events and meetings with our most important customers.

But when it comes to video content there’s an added wrinkle: what do you do when the internal expert who is so great in the one-on-one meeting or when pacing a stage turns into a deer in headlights as soon as the camera starts rolling?

The truth is, speaking on-camera isn’t something that comes naturally for most people. But these 5 simple tips can help you make the most of any expert that you put in front of the lens.

1. Don’t script them. It’s tough for most marketers to put down the keyboard and sit on their hands, but most people are more comfortable in their own words rather than trying to be natural reciting a script that someone has written for them. It’s best to prepare key messages, phrases and concepts but avoid pressuring your presenter to memorize exact words.

2. Use a teleprompter for good, not evil. Reading from a moving screen while trying to appear comfortable and natural takes real practice, which most of us don’t have – so don’t expect it of your executives. Instead of putting a script into a prompter and wondering why your dynamic colleague just turned lifeless and stiff, give them individual bullet points or words to help them stay on-message. You can always edit out the takes where they lose their train of thought, but you can’t edit in energy or confidence.

3. Let them set their own pace. Everyone wants that one “perfect take” when they’re speaking on-camera, but the pressure just makes most people flustered and awkward. The magic of editing means that that perfect take probably got assembled from several different takes, using the best of each to get you the final delivery that you need. By letting your speaker have a few different takes, including incomplete sentences or talking themselves in circles, you may find little gems that make the edited piece stronger.

4. Let them be themselves. Everyone has their own natural body language, and everyone tries their best to stifle it for the camera. If someone tends to talk with their hands or prefer to present standing, let them! They’ll be more natural, confident and engaging, and more like the person you wanted filmed in the first place.

5. Use makeup. Most people don’t enjoy having it put on them, but everyone looks better on-camera with at least a bit of powder. If you want to be really nice, have a packet of makeup-remover towelettes for when the cameras stop.

With just a few simple tips, you’ll have happier speakers and be making better video! For more tips on creating stellar video content, tune into our webinar on the BrightTALK Academy, “The Video Marketing Playbook for Events,” live on April 20 at 2pm BST or April 21 at 10am PDT.

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