5 Tips to Successfully Engage with Twitter

5 Tips to Successfully Engage with Twitter

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1. Be human

Your Twitter strategy should provide people with a sense of who you are. Automated tweets and RSS feeds should be avoided as they often lack personality and can seem robotic. Discovering your online personality can initially take time. Deciding on a strategy before you begin can help, especially if you are tweeting on behalf of a company. Corporate profiles can be harder to build as it is difficult to establish a strong relationship between a faceless business and a person. One way for companies to build trust is to offer educational information on a niche topic. By studying follower profiles and responses to the educational content, you can cultivate relationships and develop an engaged following. Compliance, regulations and branding can limit your ability to be natural on Twitter so consider what strategy will work best for you and your brand.

2. Relate

Be purposeful about who you follow. Consider why you are choosing to follow someone, for example, do they have the same interests as you? One technique for building your following is to look at who your followers recommend. ‘Follow Friday’ is a weekly event on Twitter using the hashtag #FF. Everyone loves recommendations and endorsements so partaking in Twitter activities such as this should increase your number of followers. Rather than recommending your entire list, select your favorite followers. You can even tweet a #FF for one particular person and include an explanation of why you are recommending them or why you think your followers would find them interesting. As you build your following, you can start conversations with other tweeters by including their Twitter IDs in your tweets.

3. Engage

You need to be proactive when tweeting. To create maximum engagement, keep your tweets up-to-date and current, vary your tweets and start your own discussions. Using the hashtag (#) will start themes in your discussions or connect your tweets to those of others using the same hashtag. Retweeting can be the quickest way to share information. Using RT before the tweet shows you agree or respect the content of the tweet and are happy to share with your followers. Retweeting can get you noticed by a respected tweeter who might choose to follow you.

4. Share

By using a variety of tweets you can share your thoughts and engage others. If someone else asks a question, respond publicly to them with your opinions and join in the discussions and debates that other tweeters are having. If you find an interesting article, share the link on Twitter with your followers to give them an idea about who you are and what you like. Comment on the links others share or retweet them to your followers. By actively engaging in conversations you will expose them to your followers, giving them the opportunity to contribute further.

5. Contribute

By contributing to the community you are in, you will gain credibility. Simply promoting yourself, your blog, company, products or own agenda will not help you engage followers. Rather than talking at people, speak with them and engage with them on a personal level. By engaging with the community, helping others with their questions, responding, joining in with debates and discussing the latest news you can become a credible expert who people want to work with.

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