5 Ways to Get Excited for Your Next Trade Show

5 Ways to Get Excited for Your Next Trade Show

Events — online or in-person — generate an excitement like no other. They provide real-time engagement, knowledge to be exchanged, a sense of urgency to participate, opportunity for generating hot prospects for your business and so much more.

BrightTALK is attending Money20/20 Europe, April 4-7 in Copenhagen – and our London team cannot wait to connect with some of the leading FinTech experts. Is that you? Let us know on Twitter by tweeting @inayulo! If you’re attending, use our special discount code: BRTK200.

The event countdown is on, so we’ve put together a list of 5 methods your team can leverage to get excited and maximize the ROI of your event spend.

5. View the exhibitor and sponsor lists

It’s your chance to scope out the competition and see the who’s who of the industry. If your colleagues  are attending, this is your time to coach them on the types of organizations at the event. Make sure to internalize the answers to the following questions.

  • Which companies do you want to connect with?
  • What is the purpose of going to the event? Are you looking to make more sales? Are you looking to create new partners?

Always look online to make sure the event has the makeup of your target audience before investing the time and spend. Best-in-class trade shows will provide a breakdown of their attendees like the one below.

4. Engage with attendees and speakers in advance – get social

With thousands of potential opportunities, make the most of the event and connect with industry peers and experts in advance of the show. Arrange a proper introduction over coffee rather than hoping to ‘bump into the right person.’ You can do that as well, but always have planned events to avoid having missed opportunities.

78% of Money20/20 Europe attendees said they attend the show to meet new people and companies and 43% go to reconnect with people they know. So join the conversation early with the event’s hashtag, like #money2020europe or #money2020.


3. Amplify an event through partnership opportunities

Research what types of partnerships the event offers. Consider whether it makes sense to become an exhibitor or sponsor. Perhaps you have an internal leader who is the next Steve Jobs and could tee-up as a speaker. Ensure any partnership aligns with your marketing strategy and budget. Then plan your integrated campaigns around it.

Possible partnership opportunities include:

  • Booth sponsorship
  • Happy hour sponsor
  • Speaking engagement
  • In-kind sponsors (giveaways)
  • Media partnership

2. See the city

Whether you’re a local or you’re visiting – the event was planned in this venue/city/region to drive engagement. Make sure to enjoy it. If you don’t have the luxury of staying an extra day or two, find a new place for dinner or perhaps walk by some of the city’s top attractions at night.

If you’re going to Money 20/20, here are some of the top 30 sights in Copenhagen. (Our team is hoping to check out Kronborg Castle.)

1. Extend the reach of your physical events to online, on-demand engagement

Trade shows are an investment. Whether you’re attending as a free registrant, sponsoring a booth or being the platinum event sponsor — these events still require time, investment and effort. Think about the ways you can extend the life of the event:

  • Create high-impact digital assets from on or offsite thought leader interviews and panel discussions
  • Capture live trending topics for bite-sized, shareable video clips on social channels from the event floor
  • Film entire sessions or event highlights for on-demand, online content to generate more leads (providing approval of event organizers)
  • Be where your buyers engage with thousands of videos and webinars to self-educate and gain knowledge to help craft better business decisions – have a look at the industry-specific BrightTALK communities

Learn how to generate more leads from live events from our recent webinar here. You can also get involved with our monthly online events where thought leaders and industry experts around the world discuss upcoming trends and challenges impacting global strategies in 2016.


Bonus! Attending Money20/20 Europe, April 4-7? Book a meeting with Ina Yulo, our FinTech Community Leader, by connecting through Twitter or email.

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