5 Webinar Designs You Should Emulate

Trent Warrick
Content Marketing Manager
September 2, 2015

While webinars allow your audience to be flexible with location, time, and device, they also require more from your presentation deck. Your slides decide what key points your audience will take away and how they feel about your overall image and brand.

As such, we’ve scoured the BrightTALK platform for some stellar examples of presentations that got it right. Check out what made them effective and learn how to apply their techniques to your next webinar.

1. A Killer Website Starts with a Great CMS: in 30 minutes or less! (DNN)

Not only does DNN consistently produce awesome webinars, they design them to look great too. In this presentation, they used a fun cover slide to grab attention and minimized the amount of text on their slides to increase visual interest.

2. Content Strategy Simplified (Axonn Media)

Axonn Media engages viewers with their simple, attractive slides. The design matches their message of simplified content. The visuals made the content stand out, and the use of photo backgrounds contrasted with concise text helped visually tell their story in a fun way.

3. The Future of Recruiting and Talent Management (Jazz)

In this webinar, Jazz used different color slide backgrounds to correspond to different sections, which helped tie together and differentiate the points made in each portion. They also used intriguing graphics on each slide that lined up with their brand style and made their presentation pop.

4. Unlock the Power of Predictive Lead Scoring (Lattice Engines)

We always look forward to seeing Lattice’s creative approach to their webinar programs. In this presentation, Lattice perfectly balanced the use of statistics, visuals, and examples, often blending all three together in interesting photo examples (including one with pieces of chocolate representing leads). They also created many shareable slides (perfect for social media).

5. Fast Track Your Content Marketing Plan (Feldman Creative)

This presentation is simple, polished, and professional. The slides are clean and adhere to a standardized template, making it easy for the audience to follow along. It’s also organized into numbered sections, which are recapped at the end to emphasize the main takeaways.

What makes these designs work is their emphasis on simplicity. In the world of webinars, less is more; avoid text-heavy slides, as they can overwhelm an audience. Instead, include images that tell stories to get your point across more effectively.

For more on building effective webinars, attend Webinars 101: Tips, Tricks & Don’ts in the BrightTALK Academy on Wednesday, September 9th at 10am PT. Or if you’re in Europe, tune in at 2:30pm BST on Thursday, September 10th.

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