7 Quick Ideas for Promoting Your Next Webinar

Trent Warrick
Content Marketing Manager
February 19, 2016

With marketers producing so much content every day, you need to mix up your promotional tactics to avoid blast fatigue. While email is still the most effective way to make webinar registrations soar, it’s important to test different distribution methods so you don’t exhaust your list.

Here are 7 quick things you can do today to add variety to your promotion efforts.

1. Encourage employee social sharing.

Asking your colleagues to promote your content adds a credibility boost to your business. According to SocialChorus, 77% of consumers are more likely to buy a product when they hear about it from someone they trust. The key to getting employees to share content is to make it as easy as possible for them. For each piece of content, craft 3-4 suggested tweets or posts for colleagues to publish from their accounts.

2. Promote in newsletters or roundup emails.

In addition to your standard webinar invitations, try including a link to your webinar in multi-asset campaign sends. This is a great way to diversify your promotional sends so you don’t overload your subscribers with too many direct webinar invites.

3. Attach the URL to another webinar.

If you’ve already earned the trust of engaged audience to one of your webinars, why not entice and nurture them with another? Include a link to your upcoming webinar as an attachment on your current presentation, and be sure to let your viewers know about it during the live session.

4. Start a conversation in a LinkedIn Group.

These communities are excellent ways to reach like-minded people interested in your subject matter. Just make sure your post adds genuine value to those in the group, otherwise it could come across as a bit spammy.

5. Include your webinar in a BrightTALK Summit.

Elevate your brand by surrounding yourself with other industry experts at online events like BrightTALK Summits. These multi-day online events attract thousands of engaged professionals around the globe looking to learn from top thought leaders, while putting your content and brand in front of these highly attentive viewers.

6. Create shareable images highlighting stats and takeaways.

Relevant statistics and unique industry insights are the things that will capture your potential audience’s attention and compel them to register. Quick stats, especially in image form, are easily shareable and visually interesting. Another benefit? Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than those without images.

7. Advertise it in your out of office message or email signature.

Vacation auto-responses tend to be pretty boring. Spice yours up (and gain a few extra webinar registrants) by including a link to your next presentation and encourage your contacts to register.

Looking for more tips and best practices on running webinar programs? We’re releasing our annual webinar benchmarks report and will be highlighting the results in a live webinar on March 1st at 10am Pacific and 10:30am GMT*. See you there!

* Bonus idea #8: Promote your upcoming webinar in a blog post related to your presentation topic! 🙂

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