An Ecosystem of Professional Knowledge

An Ecosystem of Professional Knowledge

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With the wide variety of news sources, blogs and social media websites, information online is increasingly fragmented. Even if you have meticulously created Google Alerts, arranged reader feeds in priority order, and customized your podcast aggregator, you will most likely visit multiple websites in a single day to make sure you get the full picture on current events and business-critical information.

Nielsen reports that in 2010 the average American Internet user visited 2,646 web pages per month – an average of 88 pages per day! Due to the deluge of information online, however, bouncing from site to site can be distracting, and you might find yourself thrown off-track by an unrelated video or a well-written but lengthy opinion piece that has nothing to do with your original search. That’s the blessing and curse of the Internet, I suppose.

This is why I am excited about BrightTALK’s new look and the introduction of personalized knowledge feeds for subscribers. True, these developments make the platform more visually appealing, more focused on social sharing, and more tailored to an increasingly mobile audience. But the improvement I am most excited about is the kind of personalized ecosystem of professional knowledge that is now created for each subscriber.

BrightTALK archives and aggregates all content in topical communities where industry professionals can discover videos, webinars, white papers, surveys, charts and answers to industry-specific questions. With the release of the new My BrightTALK pages, professionals now have access to a personalized knowledge feed of content relevant to them and the ability to discover more of it.

Thus, a business intelligence professional can come across a webinar by NASA CTO Dr. Sasi Pillay on how big data has impacted NASA data center infrastructure; and a chief marketer can discover a panel discussion by top global CMOs on the evolution of their roles in recent and coming months. Having access to this targeted and relevant ecosystem of professional knowledge on a single platform enables professionals to educate themselves as their schedules allow, make key connections with the top experts in their industries and access relevant business information all in one place.

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