An Internal Case Study: BrightTALK Summits Generate 100,000 Subscribers

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Since we launched our self-service platform in September of 2008, we and our clients have found a number of innovative uses for BrightTALK Channels. Not unlike some of our clients, we’ve used our own technology to build our business, test features, and prove value through initiatives including our Online Events Academy and BrightTALK Summits.
When I joined the company just after the platform’s launch, we set out to show the B2B world that online events were a scalable and effective way to communicate with professionals. At the time, not many professionals knew what webcasts or online events were, and the concept of presenting through a computer in an empty room didn’t show up on many bucket lists. To show them how it could work, we decided to take the traditional conference model, bring it online, make it free, and open it up to everyone in the world.
To get professionals around the world to become online event audience members, we’ve had to put the utmost emphasis on delivering valuable content, and in so doing, we’ve built incredible expertise in what is now emerging as one of the top trends of 2011: content marketing. By bringing together relevant knowledge and allowing professionals to hear it from a variety of the most trusted and influential sources, we’ve been able to create an engaged online community on a very limited budget.
The process hasn’t been easy, and now the events and promotion are managed by a team of eight split between London and San Francisco, but it has proven to be a great case study for our channel licenses. We’ve run 200 full-day events over the last two years, 100 since March last year, on topics including information technology, healthcare, marketing, finance, sustainability, and law. Our speakers have included some of the top executives and most innovative specialists, and the events draw hundreds and often thousands of attendees from around the world.
Our team is just one of hundreds of BrightTALK Channel owners, and we hope our clients are having as much fun as us with the platform.
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