Appreciating Our Community Managers

Appreciating Our Community Managers

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BrightTALK is thrilled to celebrate Community Manager Appreciation Day. In honor of this day, I interviewed one of our own community managers, Ahyoung An.

Ahyoung, what excites you about Community Manager Appreciation Day?

“I am especially enthusiastic about this recognition because community management is a new function in the online world that takes on many different forms. We see some of our clients having great success building communities by focusing on social media, client forums, wikis, videos, webinars and more. It is also very exciting because we often see BrightTALK webinars and videos used as content centerpieces and engagement tools by client community managers.”

What insights do you have about community management? 

“The most important part is listening and learning about what community members care about and acting on it. As a community manager, I nurture these groups by providing them with knowledge. Since webinars are social, they give the audience the opportunity to interact with thought leaders and to provide feedback. It is a symbiotic relationship where both the customer and the company learn and grow from each other.”

How do you research a new community?

“To create a new BrightTALK community, I identify the key topics covered in our webinar content. Once the topic is defined, I research the new community by reaching out to the appropriate thought leaders, researching blog articles, reading newsletters and white papers, watching webinars, contacting associations and searching on Google. This information helps me find speakers and audience members. I then connect with these experts by inviting them to speak and to professionals by inviting them to attend a relevant BrightTALK online event.”

Why is community management important to BrightTALK?

Community management is important to BrightTALK because it keeps our current audience engaged and provides us with customer insight. BrightTALK manages a variety of communities that are centered on rich content. They cater to business professionals from a variety of industries from healthcare to information technology to human resources to financial services and more. The challenge BrightTALK faces is balancing the needs of everyone involved in the professional knowledge exchange including analysts, vendors, end-users, associations, and social media groups. By better understanding each unique community we can create a more relevant site and retain more audience members.

The more we recognize the importance of this function, the more we appreciate the customer and industry insight and member engagement the role generates. Thanks to our community managers and a shout out to all the community managers around the world.

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