Arctic Winds, Networking, and ‘Buzzing Communities’

Arctic Winds, Networking, and ‘Buzzing Communities’

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After battling the crowds on the London Underground and resisting the arctic winds during rush hour, BrightTALK’s marketing team made it to the monthly London Web Meetup group.

Organized by BrightTALK’s Senior Web Developer, Nathan O’Hanlon, this month’s speaker was Richard Millington, founder of community management consultancy FeverBee. Discussing themes such as emotion, motivation and the social identity theory, it quickly became apparent that Richard uses a thorough, academic approach to his research.

We were pleased to find that a lot of our recent initiatives are in line with Richard’s recommendations. For example, Richard spoke about creating opportunities for community members to influence their peers. This is key to a member remaining engaged and active in online communities. To showcase the influential members in our communities, BrightTALK sends out regular newsletters that highlight the best content, most interesting questions and insights from the community. In addition, we empower our audience by running regular market research projects and new content formats to keep our audience involved and excited about our programming.

In his interpretation of the social identity theory, Richard explained that people will only join communities that are active and successful. For that reason, we invite leading industry experts to present at our events. In addition, we give all attendees the opportunity to rate and comment on the content. Our audience is then able to search through content according to its rating and number of views.

Overall, Richard’s talk has inspired us to think of more initiatives that can benefit our community members. We’re keen to hear your opinions. If you have any feedback or suggestions for us, please do let us know by simply leaving a comment on this blog post.

For anyone else managing an online community, do check out Richard’s webinar on community management.

We are definitely looking forward to the next London Web Meetup and hope London’s climate will also be more forgiving.

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