Are You Optimizing Your Blog Titles? [New Research]

Are You Optimizing Your Blog Titles? [New Research]

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Did you know that 80% of readers never make it past the headline of your blog post?

There’s no doubt that you spend a good amount of time perfecting your blog content – meaning that this number is pretty disheartening. Luckily, there’s new data about what it really takes to craft a successful blog title to help fine-tune your efforts.

TrackMaven recently released the Colossal Content Marketing Report, where they analyzed more than 4,600 blogs to determine exactly what it takes to create a shareable blog post. There are tons of valuable insights in the report, but since you’re busy, we’ve compiled a few of the most interesting takeaways that you can start implement today to start writing catchier blog titles (and we will too!)


According to the study, while blog titles typically contain around 40 characters, the posts that receive the most social shares are around 60 characters.

That’s great news! It means that we have extra room to experiment in our headlines to attract more social shares. (But beware: After 60 characters, there’s a steep dropoff in number of social shares received.)


TrackMaven found that while 94.89% of blog posts did not include question marks, those containing one question mark received remarkably high social engagement, earning 46.3% of all social shares. Try sparking your audience’s curiosity with this particularly effective technique.

Avoid exclamation points: 97.24% of posts don’t use them and your readers are satisfied with that.


Common words

With blogs across so many industries, measuring the most common words in blog titles doesn’t necessarily shed much light on any particular industry, but it does give a broader look at how blogs are used today.

For example, just the two words “you” and “your” combined for 38% of all title words, demonstrating how personalized content is the most successful marketing tactic.

The most commonly used word was “new,” indicating the popularity of blogs to highlight news, product updates, or recent reports. It also shows the importance of updating blogs regularly and using them as a multipurpose content hub for your business.

blog title words

Whether you’re measuring your blog on social shares or you’re examining a different success metric, it’s helpful to know what practices resonate most with blog readers and compel them to share your content with their networks. So how effective was the blog title on this post? Let us know by sharing it on Twitter or LinkedIn!

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