Are Your Content Marketing Tactics Reaching Your Global Audience?

Are Your Content Marketing Tactics Reaching Your Global Audience?

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Content marketing trends fluctuate globally from year to year, but the fundamental goal remains the same: to engage and inform. With the wide variety of content formats and masses of information, content that stands out today is much more than just catchy titles and SEO.

Your prospects want interesting, informative content at their convenience in their preferred format, whether it’s a helpful blog post, a data-driven case study or a product-focused webinar.

We dived into the North America and the United Kingdom 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends reports from the Content Marketing Institute to compare the use and effectiveness of the leading tactics across the globe. Here’s what we saw that will help you if you’re running a global content marketing plan.

Social media reigns

Both the US and UK use an average of 13 different content marketing tactics. Not surprisingly, both place social media marketing at the top of the list in 2015, with 93% of US organizations and 94% of UK organizations employing the highly engaged platforms that are social media.

In-person events and case studies prove powerful in both UK and US

Marketers in North America have rated in-person events as the most effective tactic over the last six years. This increased from 69% in 2014 to 75% in 2015. UK marketers also find in-person events extremely valuable (69%). Interestingly enough, only 74% of UK businesses use live conferences and seminars as a tactic while 81% use them in the US.

Likewise, case studies were used by 82% of UK and US marketers and landed in the top three most effective tactics for both the UK (67%) and US (65%) in 2015. This ties into the current trends of customer advocacy and influencer relations driving better marketing ROI.

Webinar/white paper success in the US

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from CMI’s 2015 tactic usage figures was the significant difference seen between the US and UK in white paper and webinar/webcast incorporation. In 2015, 19% percent more US organizations chose to use white papers than their UK counterparts. In addition, 23% percent more US organizations chose to incorporate webinars/webcasts than the UK.

These tactics showed significant effectiveness ratings in the US (63-66%), indicating those UK marketers wishing to attract a US audience can get more out of their content marketing and demand generation efforts by adding webinars and white papers to their 2016 content marketing plan.

Blogging for UK prospects

In 2015, both the UK (84%) and the US (81%) heavily incorporated blogging as a content marketing tactic. It was proven extremely successful for UK marketers, landing at the top of the most effective UK tactics. In contrast, blog effectiveness in the US dropped from 60% last year to 59% this year and the US placed blogging in their bottom three.

These trends suggest blogging is currently a more powerful tactic for the UK audience; however, HubSpot still finds that those who blog more frequently can see a 2x increase in their lead creation. Find out to optimize your blog titles here.

Video thrives in the US market

For now, video appears to be more effective for the US market. 83% of UK organizations used video as a marketing tactic while only 56% of UK organizations named it the most effective. Seventy-nine percent of US organizations used video as a marketing tactic and 62% of US businesses named it their most effective tactic. Want to combine social and video? Our VP of Global Content Services recently presented on how to maximize your video ROI using social. Check it out.

In addition to social media, CMI’s findings indicate that in-person events, webinars, case studies and video are highly effective strategies for those UK marketers wishing to also target the US audience. On the other hand, US marketers wishing to reach their UK target market might add more blogging to a campaign containing in-person events and case studies.

Expand and engage your audience in 2016 with the right mix of content marketing tactics to display your original, insightful and valuable content to generate more marketing influenced revenue. We recently sat down with some leading marketing experts to hear their thoughts on the future of content marketing. Here’s what they had to say.

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