Attract Larger Audiences with Improved Email Design

Attract Larger Audiences with Improved Email Design

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The weekly email, a key email that gives your content regular audience exposure with no promotional effort on your side, has a new look and performs 24% better.

This release includes a modern redesign that makes your content stand out. A dynamic subject line increases the email’s visibility in the inbox and entices more of your audience to engage with your content.

The weekly email is key to audience engagement: the more webinars and videos your audience watches, the more likely they are to return in the future. Our tests show that professionals who have viewed five pieces of content respond to promotional emails up to seven times better than those who have only viewed one.

To take advantage of this improved performance, make sure the weekly email is switched on under the Promotion tab in your channel and schedule your presentations at least two weeks in advance to maximize their exposure to your audience. To grow your audience and maximize the ROI from your videos and webinars, BrightTALK Channels come with built-in automated engagement emails that get more of your audience to interact with your content over time.

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