BrightTALK: A Feast of Knowledge

BrightTALK: A Feast of Knowledge

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At high noon on Monday, November 19th, the BrightTALK San Francisco office stopped working and started the more important project of feasting. It was a Thanksgiving potluck, and even before the first bite of stuffing, it was abundantly clear that many of our talented team members were also gifted cooks, bakers and meal coordinators. We feasted a great feast, and then fought off the afternoon sleepies while considering when to go for more dessert.

The word feast is loaded with feelings of warmth, well-wishing, festivity, abundance and community. A potluck feast has even more connotations of coming-together, mutual support and sharing, everyone offering their unique contributions to create something truly delicious. As we gathered around the table and enjoyed the great food, I reflected on BrightTALK and how it is, in many ways, like the feast we celebrated on Monday.

1. Our Thanksgiving table was loaded with the delicious contributions of our fellow team members, each dish showcasing their talents and cooking expertise, whether it was French-style green beans with shallots, dark chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel frosting, or store-bought rolls.

In the same way, BrightTALK is a knowledge destination filled with quality content by industry thought leaders from around the world. From IT security to demand generation to virtualization, BrightTALK is a feast of information for professionals seeking to advance their careers and learn from top experts in their fields.

2. The feast is a celebration of abundance, free to everyone who attends.

Similarly, BrightTALK breaks down knowledge barriers by offering free access to excellent webinars after a one-time registration process. Unlimited content consumption is encouraged and, unlike a potluck, helping yourself to seconds, thirds and fifths doesn’t cause overwhelming remorse.

3. A feast, especially a potluck feast, is created through sharing.

At BrightTALK, everyone is encouraged to participate and share knowledge, from the speakers disseminating their thought leadership to the audience expressing opinions, giving feedback, responding to polls and asking questions, and then sharing the presentations they found valuable with peers and colleagues.

4. Ultimately, a feast is about the people. No amount of tempting food will create a community where there is none.

BrightTALK is also built around community. It exists for the benefit of professional communities, and the transfer of knowledge and expertise would be impossible without the professionals who are eager to learn the latest tactics and best practices in their field and share this information with their peers.

Here at BrightTALK, we’re thankful to be part of a team where adding value for our audience drives decisions. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you feast–on both food and knowledge–with great abandon and joy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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