BrightTALK CEO Paul Heald Goes Live On Air for the Money Talk Radio Show

BrightTALK CEO Paul Heald Goes Live On Air for the Money Talk Radio Show

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This week our CEO and co-founder Paul Heald was a special guest on Money Talk with Jesse Torres. After spending our days living and breathing online events, it was fun to switch focus and listen in to a live talk radio show. Listen to the interview here.

Jesse first learned about BrightTALK after receiving an email inviting him to attend a webinar on the platform. As he told the story, he checked the webinar out and loved the experience: “video and text, streamed well and moved gracefully. A webinar tool that’s not clunky, has all the bells and whistles, and is easy to use? I think we’ve finally found our platform.” He asked Paul to be on the show to learn more about what went into creating BrightTALK and what goes into putting together a successful webinar program.

The origins of BrightTALK go back more than a decade. Paul co-founded the company in London in 2002 to help businesses reach their customers by sharing thought leadership videos and webinars. In 2006 he moved to Silicon Valley and began work on making BrightTALK a destination site for professionals to access all of those videos and webinars. Now there are more than 25,000 presentations published on BrightTALK each year, with nearly 2 million users and over 1,000 clients.

Over the years BrightTALK has refined the experience to make it as seamless as possible for presenters and audiences. Content is organized on BrightTALK into communities so that professionals can easily find information relevant to them. They can engage live with presenters or catch the recording whenever it’s convenient for them. One-time registration makes content accessible with one click, so that professionals can easily get the ideas and insights that will help them build their career.

Scheduling a webinar is also a streamlined process. As Paul mentioned on the show, our goal is to provide presenters with the simplest possible experience with comprehensive features so they can focus on creating great content. It starts with filling out a basic form with details like title, date, and presenter names. As soon as this information is added, your webinar will start being promoted in your own channel on BrightTALK and anywhere your channel is embedded, so that your audience can find your content and you can extend your reach. Engaging that audience with your story is the start of building trust and cultivating prospects that turn into revenue for your business.

Now that’s money talk!

Check out the interview here

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