BrightTALK for Salesforce: Empower Your Sales Team with Powerful Insights

BrightTALK for Salesforce: Empower Your Sales Team with Powerful Insights

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November brings a big step forward in helping marketers connect content marketing to revenue as we launch the BrightTALK for Salesforce connector on the AppExchange. The release of BrightTALK for Salesforce empowers channel owners to seamlessly deliver powerful insights from their BrightTALK Channel directly into the hands of their sales and demand generation teams, optimizing sales and marketing with rapid responses to audience behavior and more effective lead follow up.

BrightTALK for Salesforce is an out-of-the-box solution that syncs the engagement data from a BrightTALK Channel with Salesforce, so you can say goodbye to waiting for lead lists to arrive or spreadsheets to update. The app adds new records to Salesforce when audiences subscribe to your BrightTALK Channel. It also updates and augments existing lead and contact records when activities take place.

Link your BrightTALK activities to your Salesforce campaigns, so that engaged contacts and leads automatically become campaign members and are included in campaign reporting.

The app comes with pre-built dashboards that connect sales results with the content viewed by those who closed. This makes it easy to understand the ROI of your content marketing program and demonstrate the value of your marketing programs to key internal stakeholders.

Learn more about BrightTALK for Salesforce on the AppExchange.

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