BrightTALK Gives Back: Building Urban Gardens in Our Community

BrightTALK Gives Back: Building Urban Gardens in Our Community

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Last week, my colleagues and I volunteered with San Francisco’s Friends of the Urban Forest to create urban gardens. This is the second time we’ve worked with them over the past couple of years. It was a great opportunity to get outdoors, bond with colleagues and participate in something that truly impacts our local community.

We convened just blocks from the ocean to till and enrich soil that had been compacted under concrete for decades. The team loosened the dirt, mixed in compost and added mulch to help retain moisture and warmth. The heavy lifters in the group decorated the garden beds with boulders for good measure.

Fourteen employees from BrightTALK’s sales, finance, marketing, community, product, HR and customer success departments got together to help out with the Front Yard Ambassador Planting Program. It’s designed to plant new landscapes on the sidewalks in the Outer Sunset neighborhood to help “greenify” the area.

The gardens create permeable ground to absorb rainwater and filter it back into aquifers and gardens. Another cool part? The new trees also absorb air pollutants, reduce traffic noise and build neighborhood and civic pride.

It was incredible to hear first hand about the history of Friends of the Urban Forest. Over the last 34 years, they’ve planted over 49,000 trees throughout the city to build community and mitigate environmental destruction. It’s great knowing that the gardens we created and the tree we planted will be enjoyed by San Franciscans for decades.

The easy thing about volunteering with Friends of the Urban Forest is that there’s no experience necessary. They provide the gloves, tools, materials and instructions. If you’re looking for a hands-on experience to give back to the Bay Area, we’d highly recommend signing up to volunteer. Bring some water, sunscreen and snacks and enjoy getting outdoors to make a difference!

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