BrightTALK Highlights Innovators in New Market Movers Series

BrightTALK Highlights Innovators in New Market Movers Series

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We are excited to announce the launch of Market Movers, a new series on BrightTALK hosted by Christine Crandell. Market Movers gives an inside look at high-profile innovators from coast to coast who are not only changing the rules, but writing their own.

In the first episode, Crandell spoke with Tintri CEO Ken Klein about his “No Jerk Policy” in the workplace and how that’s led his company to 100% YoY growth.

Klein is a Silicon Valley veteran with a rich history of making small companies big. Most notably, he led Mercury Interactive to become a billion dollar revenue generating powerhouse before it was acquired by HP for $5 billion.

At Tintri, Klein and his team seek “to shape an environment and a culture that encourages the right set of behaviors to produce world-class results.”

“It’s not in what you say but how your actions demonstrate your values,” said Klein. “It means explaining to employees about how they act directly impacts customer and the company’s success.”

See the full episode here:

Register now for episode two, which features DocuSign Chairman and CEO Keith Krach discussing the road he took that led to running the electronic signature juggernaut, whose only competition is paper.

Click here to view all past and upcoming episodes of Market Movers.

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