BrightTALK Hosts the Demand Generation 2015 Summit

BrightTALK Hosts the Demand Generation 2015 Summit

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The Demand Generation 2015 Summit on BrightTALK is your comprehensive guide to planning and implementing a successful demand generation strategy in 2015.

The summit will feature speakers from Marketo, NetSuite and more, who will cover a range of topics relating to demand generation, including:

“We are excited to discuss the hot topic of demand generation as our program of summits continues to grow and engage modern marketing professionals,” said Simon Lees, VP of UK Audience and Content Services at BrightTALK. “Demand generation best practices evolve rapidly, and we are delighted to deliver an expert roster of thought leaders and a vibrant knowledge exchange for our audience.”

“If you’re a marketer and not fixated on generating demand, you’ll soon be looking for a new job,” said Barry Feldman, owner and founder of Feldman Creative and a speaker at the summit. “As a content marketer, I’ll be offering strategies to help your audience discover your content — because even the best content from great brands can drown in a sea of noise.”

All presentations are free to attend and accessible live and on demand. Join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #demandgen2015.

You can view all of the sessions and register here.

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