BrightTALK Launches 27 New Professional Communities

BrightTALK Launches 27 New Professional Communities

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Over the past year, BrightTALK has seen explosive growth across all of its professional communities. This month, we’re launching 27 new communities on the platform, including two in information technology.

With this growth, BrightTALK is reinforcing its position as the knowledge destination where B2B professionals find relevant content to accelerate their careers — especially for those in rapidly evolving industries like IT.

BrightTALK now offers 21 distinct IT communities, ranging from IT Security to Cloud Computing to Help Desk & Support.

Within these new and existing communities, viewers are learning from the biggest names in technology, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Rackspace.

In 2014, the number of professionals in the BrightTALK IT community grew by 50%, providing close to 800,000 IT professionals with a platform to exchange ideas and insights with thought leaders and to learn from peers dealing with the same challenges and pain points.

But it’s not just the number of people watching content on BrightTALK that is noteworthy; it’s also the types of people.

According to a recent Frost & Sullivan survey, of the IT professionals on BrightTALK, 70% are manager level and above. Frost & Sullivan also added that IT professionals on BrightTALK are greatly influential within their organizations, as they are responsible for larger budgets when compared with users of LinkedIn and YouTube.

“The BrightTALK platform allows organizations and individuals to consume information on the go and at their own pace,” said Chris Dancy, Chief Digital Officer and Senior Vice President at Healthways. “One of the interesting things about BrightTALK is the fact that you know there are people from all over the world watching with you and being able to interact with those people.”

Explore thousands of IT webinars and videos on BrightTALK today.

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