BrightTALK Launches New Customer Success Community

BrightTALK Launches New Customer Success Community

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BrightTALK is excited to announce the launch of a new community to serve customer success professionals. In this rapidly changing business landscape, the customer success function is quickly becoming a key investment for businesses that base their revenues on subscriptions.

Every organization should prioritize their customers’ needs, but it’s even more crucial for those subscription-based businesses that don’t make a profit until their customers have been with them for a year or even longer.

The rise of the subscription economy has been detailed recently in both the Huffington Post and Fortune, and companies like Totango, Gainsight, Bluenose, and Preact are emerging to help developing customer success teams perform better.

“When you have a large client base and a relatively small team to manage them, you need the skills, people, systems and processes to make it possible,” said Sam Loveland, SVP Customer Success at Findly and a member of BrightTALK’s Advisory Board. “The growth of this function is going to transform how organizations become proactive, rather than reactive, to customer needs and ultimately, to customer success,” she said.

To launch this community, BrightTALK will showcase pioneers in the industry sharing best practices on a range of topics from how to prevent churn to how to succeed in the subscription economy. We’re looking forward to highlighting these topics and more at the Customer Growth and Retention Summit on July 23.

“We are excited to launch yet another community and look forward to a genuine exchange of ideas and insights among professionals in this rapidly evolving business function,” said Paul Heald, BrightTALK’s CEO.

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