BrightTALK Now Integrates with Marketo

BrightTALK Now Integrates with Marketo

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Marketo users, rejoice! It is now possible to sync webinar registration and attendance information directly from a BrightTALK Enterprise Channel to a Marketo event.

There are several valuable benefits that integration offers for demand generation programs. Here are three examples.

Less time spent on the import process

Downloading attendance data from BrightTALK and importing it into Marketo is pretty simple, which is great. But spending time executing simple processes also leaves marketers with less time to spend applying themselves to challenges like creating new content, building nurturing programs and expanding their content distribution network. Now marketers get that time back with attendance data automatically imported into Marketo.

Increased relevancy and timeliness in marketing programs

With attendee information syncing to Marketo events in real time, Marketo’s responses to these updates can be virtually instantaneous. By using Marketo smart campaigns, tokens, emails and a little creativity, tasks like sending a customized “webinar now available on demand” email can be set to happen automatically as soon as the live session concludes. For attendees of the live session, a “thanks for attending” email can be similarly configured.

Faster responses from sales

When marketing programs become more responsive, so can sales representatives. Whether leads are getting passed to a sales development/qualification team or straight to a sales executive, they can now be passed immediately if their webinar behavior is the final qualifying trigger. Better yet, if the lead had already been passed to sales, sale representatives can quickly see in their Marketo/SFDC “lead feed” that the lead has just engaged with content and is likely ripe for a follow-up call.

These three examples represent only the tip of the iceberg. There are many ways the BrightTALK-Marketo adapter can be applied, and we look forward to hearing about the other creative uses BrightTALK Enterprise Channel owners discover. For more information on the BrightTALK-Marketo adapter and how to utilize it, please refer to the BrightTALK Adapter Guide.

Have you already developed or envisioned a different way in which the BrightTALK-Marketo adapter can be used? Share your ideas with others by posting a comment below!

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