BrightTALK Recognized for Optimizing Email Marketing to Drive Webinar Registrations

BrightTALK Recognized for Optimizing Email Marketing to Drive Webinar Registrations

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BrightTALK is thrilled to announce that Which Test Won and Marketo chose one of our email A/B tests as the winner of the Gold Email Testing Award for Timing/Frequency.

We ran a behavioral subject line test that aimed to determine whether sending an email promoting a BrightTALK Summit the day of the live online event or the day before generated more audience registrations. The email templates were identical except for the phrasing “Live today” versus “Live tomorrow,” which also appeared in the subject line. 

Here are the two subject lines we tested:




We looked at differences in opens, clicks and conversions (registrations) between the two templates to make sure we have a complete understanding of the impact of the test on all metrics, including the one that we were ultimately most interested in – registrations to content on BrightTALK.

To gain deeper insight into our audience’s behavior and preferences, we ran the test on two separate lists. List 1 was a list of our subscribers, whereas List 2 was an acquired list.

We were especially excited for this test because our team was divided in support of two distinct hypotheses. One side expected the perceived urgency of “Live today” to inspire more registrations, while the other believed that giving the audience more time to fit the live online event into their schedules with “Live tomorrow” would enable more to attend. The results surprised everyone on the team.

We saw that for both lists, “Live tomorrow” generated more opens and clicks. List 1 showed a lift of 111.7% in opens and 153% in clicks; List 2 showed a lift of 159% in opens and 238% in clicks. However, in terms of registrations, the two lists performed differently. List 1 responded more favorably to “Live today,” generating a lift of 232% in registrations, whereas List 2 seemed to prefer “Live tomorrow,” responding with a lift of 121% in registrations.

Thus, we learned that our lists behave differently. Audience members who are familiar with BrightTALK and the value of our content are more likely to watch events live with less advance notice. People less familiar with us, however, prefer to be able to register for upcoming live content in advance and receive a reminder on the live day. 

We repeated this test with another summit and saw similar results. Since then, we have optimized our email sends based on the results of this test and have tried to identify more ways in which we can customize the email experience to suit our audience’s preferences and maximize the return on our efforts.

Big thanks to Which Test Won and Marketo for this opportunity to show some of our work and learn from other marketers.

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