BrightTALK Releases New Marketo Connector and Software Development Kit

BrightTALK Releases New Marketo Connector and Software Development Kit

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We are excited to announce a series of new releases to help marketers streamline their webinar programs, harness their data, and more easily convert demand to revenue.

The first of these releases is BrightTALK’s new advanced Marketo connector, which will do two key things: First, it will significantly decrease the time marketers spend manually connecting their data from BrightTALK to Marketo. With this advanced integration, there’s no need to create a separate event program for each webinar or wait 24 hours for data to sync.

Second, it will allow sales teams to have more productive conversations with prospects. According to, 50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first. The new connector syncs every 60 minutes, automatically pushing all BrightTALK data into Marketo and giving sales teams quicker access to leads.

Other features include:

  • Improved campaign tracking. The new connector helps marketers optimize campaigns by offering UTM tracking to easily monitor registration sources.
  • One-time setup. Instead of setting up the connector for each webinar, the new connector only needs to be set up once to automatically pull data for every webinar.
  • Custom data fields. Seamlessly pass information from custom fields into Marketo, such as a survey people see while registering for a single webinar or a questionnaire when people subscribe to your channel.

In addition to this deep Marketo integration, we’ve also simplified the entire lead delivery process. Marketers no longer have to waste time uploading, downloading, and formatting spreadsheets, because all leads, including their engagement data, are now delivered directly into BrightTALK Channels.

“This release dramatically reduces the amount of time our clients have to spend working with spreadsheets by centralizing leads and engagement data,” said BrightTALK CEO Paul Heald. “Especially when paired with the new Marketo connector, the lead delivery process is now incredibly simple.”

Finally, we’ve launched a developer center and released a software development kit (SDK) to offer an open platform for marketers who want to integrate their webinar and video data with other systems. These APIs make it easy to build custom integrations for reporting, content, and users.

These features will help marketers increase ROI by streamlining the production and tracking of webinar programs while allowing them to understand and act on the rich data BrightTALK programs provide.

For more information on these exciting new features, explore BrightTALK for Marketo on Launchpoint or visit the brand new BrightTALK developer center.

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