BrightTALK Takes On the Marketing Nation!

BrightTALK Takes On the Marketing Nation!

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If I learned one thing at this month’s Marketo Marketing Nation Summit, it’s that now is the time to be a marketer. From star-studded keynotes to some major product announcements, this year’s event in San Francisco was all about highlighting marketers as innovators who are driving businesses forward in unparalleled ways.

As a Marketo Launchpoint Partner and gold sponsor of the event this year, BrightTALK was at the center of all the action, capturing live video interviews from these very innovators at our booth. We spoke with sponsors, summit presenters, and BrightTALK clients about their own marketing technologies and how they are being fueled by content and marketing automation.

Innovation in action

For a Marketo nerd like myself, choosing only a handful of the 80+ expert sessions at the event was like being limited to 10 rides at Disneyland. I did my best to choose wisely and did not come away disappointed.

I heard from Marketo champions, Revvie winners, and BrightTALK customers on how they’re tackling challenges in lead nurturing, sales-marketing alignment, and analytics. Here are a few takeaways:

Align content to buying stages for more intelligent lead nurturing. Gone are the days of “drip” nurture campaigns pushing out disconnected pieces of content in hopes of converting leads. Marketo’s new engagement programs make it easy to build nurture streams with content aligned to buying stages. This makes it much simpler to effectively move leads through the funnel and create a nurture experience that makes sense for your prospects. Just make sure that all of the content you create has a defined place in one of your buying stages.

“Give marketing sales targets. And give sales marketing targets.” This insight came from the Revvie-winning team at Acquia, who successfully rebuilt their business’s demand generation function. Their advice? Marketers must build a collaborative relationship with sales. We’ve all heard this before, but it really is the key to building inbound pipeline. Meet with sales team leaders on a weekly basis to review scoring models and lead quality. Most importantly, determine targets for each team to hit, such as the number of MQLs passed to sales and the number of sales touches per MQL.

Don’t rely only on lead source in your reporting. Many marketers look primarily at lead source when attributing opportunities back to marketing activities. Lead source works for determining the point of acquisition, but the likelihood is that many of your converted leads were touched by multiple campaigns. Use multi-touch attribution to give credit to all marketing programs in a lead’s lifecycle and ensure that all costs can accurately be factored into ROI.

Innovation in the nation

Innovation was also on display in the expo and keynotes. A quick stroll around the expo floor provided a glimpse into innovation in areas like predictive analytics, content engagement and real-time personalization.

Many of these technologies (like BrightTALK) integrate with Marketo and give marketers additional layers of data beyond the demographic and behavioral information that has traditionally been available.

What products and technologies are your leads using? What content do they respond to best? Which of your leads are most likely to convert to closed business?

Today, these questions are answerable. This feeds into what was perhaps Marketo’s most exciting announcement at the summit: real-time personalization.

With powerful data in our hands, we have the ability to dynamically target prospects across all channels with relevant content in real time. These capabilities bring us to the threshold of 1-1 marketing, which is what Marketo CEO Phil Fernandez called the “holy grail of marketing” in his keynote speech.

But we can’t reach the holy grail without continuing to create smart, relevant content. In her summit keynote, General Electric CMO Beth Comstock called GE a “content factory,” consistently translating complex ideas into impactful content. She emphasized that while marketing is becoming increasingly technology-driven, content is what keeps our marketing human.

When we connect the dots between our content, data, and automation, that’s when the real innovation happens. The right data enables us to create better targeted content catered to each stage of the customer journey. The automation technology enables us to measurably push this content out to wherever our prospects and customers are, in real time. And with the right measurements in place, marketers can ultimately prove their value to the organization by tying all of this back to revenue.

Until next year

Thanks to all of the marketers I interacted with, I came away from this year’s summit inspired and ready to head to the drawing board with fresh new ideas. My colleagues and I were proud to represent BrightTALK as one of the innovative companies at the event and share our mission to help marketers connect content to revenue.

The marketing technology landscape BrightTALK is a part of will only continue to grow, bringing more opportunities for innovators to bring the pieces together and give marketing the tools to impact their businesses even more.

Are you a Marketo user? Learn more about how BrightTALK connects video and webinar engagement data directly to your Marketo programs.

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