BrightTALK Widgets Have Arrived

BrightTALK Widgets Have Arrived

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As BrightTALK Channel owners already know, the power to embed channel listings and webcasts in websites and blogs is an indispensable part of attracting viewers to their content. It means their content isn’t left undiscovered on isolated pages, but is made permanently available on pages within their and their partner’s sites that contextualize the content. There is no limit to the number of locations the webcasts can be embedded on, and yet, all audience registrations and activity are seamlessly recorded in the channel reporting.

BrightTALK has now extended this capability with a new way to embed content that is perfect for promoting webcasts from more prominent, high-trafficked pages like home pages. These ‘promotional widgets’ are smaller and more versatile embeds that direct website visitors to your rich media content from other parts of the site by taking up less real estate on the page. They dynamically update to promote webcasts throughout their upcoming, live and recorded lifecycle. Rather than playing-back in page, they will link off to the landing page of the main channel, efficiently drawing viewers into your webcast content.

Two promotional widgets types are now available as standard to channel owners. They are:

Channel list MPU – The channel list MPU displays the entire contents of a channel. The viewer can easily navigate and select content that is of interest to them. By clicking on the webcast title or thumbnail image in the widget, the viewer will be redirected to the default channel location to watch the webcast. Here is an example of this type of widget from the Online Events Academy Channel.

A BrightTALK Channel


Slide feature MPU – The slide feature MPU allows channel owners to select specific webcasts to be promoted in the widget. The widget will scroll through the title slides of each webcast. When a viewer clicks on a specific webcast they will be redirected to the webcast’s default location. Here is an example of this type of widget.

A BrightTALK Channel


Channel owners can simply and freely generate the embed code for these widgets from the ‘Invite your network’ section of their channel. For channel owners that want widgets to visually align to their brand and website structure, BrightTALK can offer various levels of customization to tailor to individual needs.

Embedding widgets across a variety of pages on your website and other websites can help direct your target audience to your rich media content. By extending the reach of your content, there will be more opportunities to funnel your target audience into your buying cycle and turn your content into profit.

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