Bring Your BrightTALK Channel Emails to Life with New Customization

Bring Your BrightTALK Channel Emails to Life with New Customization

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The automated emails subscribers to your channel receive in response to their viewing behavior are a crucial tool for audience re-engagement. Many BrightTALK Channel owners have customized their automated emails to align them with their brand guidelines and maximize their impact on marketing campaigns.

We’ve now taken email customization a step further by introducing the ability to dynamically add thumbnail images and webcast descriptions, as well as hyperlink images, words and phrases.

You can take advantage of these new capabilities from the email editor in the back of your channel. Make your automated emails more compelling and watch your audience come back to your channel time and time again. We’ve put together an email and sample of code that you can try in your channel to give you an idea of the scope of the new features:

BrightTALK Channel email


Right-click or option-click on the link and select ‘Save link as…’ to download the code for this email.

Email customization is just one of our new features that aim to make it easier to engage your audience on BrightTALK. Learn more about the other audience engagement releases.

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